Open Call for : SKIN Interactive Dance Performance Concept

PerFEST 2018 invites the choreographers Eckhard Mueller (Germany/France)
and Daniela Schwartz (Argentina/France) for the realization and presentation of SKIN, Interactive Performance.

SKIN project is designed to bring Ukrainian’s artists (dancers, musicians, video artists) and artist’s from the neighbours countries together to collaborate in a trans-disciplinary project inside an open framework that invites the audience to participate in an improvisational dance happening.
The preparation work of 5 days introduction into TOOLS facilitated by Eckhard Müller and Daniela Schwartz will happen in Dnepr, as well as the performance.

SKIN is designed on the basis of a proposal that is challenging both: the artists and the audience; it generates a frame for non-verbal communication, based on the existence of a common element to all the bodies: the skin, as the organ that can perceive communication in dance, through space and through touch.

SKIN provides to the participating artists and to the audience the framework to build a space of encounter and construction of reality and to take a new look to the dancing body, from an individual and a collective experience. It proposes to observe and to live the language of movement in a direct relation to its environment, to sense the dance from the inside of the performance and to interact with the artists.

SKIN invites around 20 dancers, 3 musicians and 3 video artists, selected by a open call, to work together and to welcome a public.

SKIN is a project of creation, research and cooperation. It is a fertile ground for generating a reflection on dance and learning through a trans-disciplinary practice. It is a frame for future collaborations among artists from diverse disciplines, regions and countries as well as an ideal framework for the exchange of practices, experiences, interests and the inception of new dance forms and cooperative working platforms.
This project brings a collaborative mind that strengthens networks among organizations and artists, which facilitates the creation and realization of future projects.

The collaborative nature of the project demands the full participation in the TOOLS workshop. All participating artists need to share the full working process together.

For this SKIN we make an OPEN CALL to professional contemporary dancers, musicians improvisers and video artists interested in being part of a collaborative project.
Selected artists will be invited to freely participate of the WS “TOOLS for communication and interaction with the audience in the dance” and to participate and take part of SKIN Interactive Performance.

The Workshop TOOLS will be lead by Eckhard Mueller and Daniela Schwartz.
From May 21t to 25th 2018, with a total duration of 30h.

The performances will take place on May 25th 2018 in the frame of the PerFEST 2018.

This call is addressed to:

  • Contemporary professional dancers, with experience in improvisation, some experience in Contact Improvisation, interested in the investigation of tools for a physical and direct communication with an audience and its active integration in a performance setting.
  • Musicians improvisers, with experience in dance colaboration, interested in the dialogue between dancers, space/time and sound, as well as the integration of their own bodies in the performance space.The musicians are responsible for the sound composition. The musicians will need to participate in the whole process.
  • Videoartists, interested to investigate the relationship of image/in/of/at/movement inside a performance situation. The videoartists will need to participate in the whole process and be an active member of the group in space and time.

Please, send us your CV (max 1000 characters) and Motivation Letter (max 1500 characters incluiding spaces). To:; (only english).
Please Use word count!

  • Open call deadline: March 20st 2018
  • We will select around 20 dancers, 3 musicians and 3 videoartists in collaboration with Tamara Maksymenko, PerFEST 2018
  • Announcement of selected artists through email: April 20t 2018