Performative Dnepr platform 2018

Performative Dnepr platform is a festival of modern art, where the main object of research is performing aesthetics. As a performance we mean any stage impersonation at the moment. Like a show, live sculpture, dance or Maryna Abramovich’ provocative installations .

Performative Dnepr platform began successfully reported the cultural city  events  in 2017 with support of ” Cultural capital Dnepr” by Boris Philatov and Israel cultural center. The mastermind and ideological inspirer is Tamara Maksymenko and team of the Dance Motion Theatre.

why do we do this?

Performative language  today is not very popular and clear for ordinary  new comers in Ukraine because of different reasons. We pick up very thoroughly the best projects all over the world and from Ukraine as well to give people opportunity to understand the body language and beauty of movement. The communication of foreign and local artists is very important because of no borders during the show and common problems become personal and close to everybody. Moreover , modern dance, theatre, performance  like no other kind of art helps to live a hard period of time, inspires, and brings to the conclusions and, as we are sure – enrich the inner world and therefore makes our society more cultural. Every member of Performative Dnepr Platform has his own relation with a dance, and we faithfully believe that such festivals have not only educational , therapeutic and aesthetic trend but make this world better and more positive.