The sixth day

the sixth day

 “There will be plenty of sacred and prophetic, joy and sorrow, but will I see that woman coming out of water? …”

 Dance performance of Motion Dance Theatre with great artists from Ukraine, Austria and Italy. Live music and theatre stage.

Contrasts between men and women are eternal questions.

We have different social life around the world. And this world is huge. A number of  faiths, stories and evens going on at the moment is just impossible to imagine  but the majority of them is about love, indeed.

We become the witnesses of duality, where the reflection on the stage with help of big mirror is a quintessence of real world including its all illusions , white and black, love and hate, male and female. The world interlaces into one and tears apart into pieces at the same moment.

Everything is bound - events, people, faiths, stories...

This work will be like no one other pierced with refined grace of dancers, original music , where happiness meets misfortune.
This work is filled with pain for all died and alive, for being left and leaving, and this pain is not an utopia, it transforms dancers and viewers, help them to relief their worries. And it gives hope!
Hope is in love. And no matter how hard every moment of life is, we still will see the beauty in every passed day

Show day - May 25

Opera and ballet theatre