The author, screenwriter and director is Thomas Mattler (Switzerland).

The project was organized by Tamara Maksimenko in 2017. The premiere took place on November 2 in Dnepr, Ukraine, in the museum “Literary Pridniprovye” where artists MMDT were attracted, as well as participants from all over Ukraine (actors, dancers, performers, cultural figures) were selected within two days master classes by Thomas Mattler. The project was accompanied by live music (violin, Stanislav Drozdov, Dnepr) and vocals (Natalia Khomenko, Kiev)

The work is clearly structured, but the lexis of the project is Improvisation of dance, partnering, actor’s skill. The work of Thomas Mattler is always filled with the truthfulness of life situations, the living feelings that he professionally gets from every artist. “Coming together” is a project where everyone asked really topical questions for modern society: what does it mean to connect, to be in a relationship? what kind of relationship do we now have? what do we feel when our partner leaves, dies, and it simply does not exist …? What happens to us when our friends, children are killed in the war? What does it mean to belong to a social group? What does it mean to be together? In which place? and with whom?

Duration is approximately – 1,5 hours.