“Femminile” is a performance that includes dance improvisation, where the main object of attention is a woman. Performance consists of real stories of the director and the dancers of the troupe.

At present, the questions of masculine and feminine are sharply. In Ukraine, like in Europe or in Asia there is  problem of feminism or suppression of the feminine beginnings too. For example Italy. Until 1964, a man could kill his wife if he only suspects in treason! For today men and women working in the same position in the same company receive different fee: a man is more than a woman in 2.5. A woman can not have an abortion without presenting a huge number of documents and facts, confirming the need for this. It is very difficult to get a divorce, the documents begin to be considered 3 years after the filing (official data).

In Germany, for example, the situation is somehow different. There are many single men, because the women there are strong and powerful. If a girl unloads heavy suitcases, the surrounding men will not help her – violation of her rights, or too obvious an act of seduction, which she can even sue!

Questions of two opposites – the male and female are eternal questions. In different parts of the world it is customary to lead social life in differents ways. The World is huge. The number of destinies, stories, events which are going in the same time can’t been imaged by the person’s councious. But in the base of the most of these stories is love…

“Femminile” is a project in which personal stories raise social questions.

Author of the project: Tamara Maksimenko
The number of dancers are from 5 to 10 people.
Duration is about an hour.
Musical accompaniment – purchase ready-made tracks.