The mirror

The project was premiered on June, 6 in Dnipro, Ukraine.
This is dance performance, where combines modern dance techniques, elements of physical theater, improvisation, and partnering. This is a project that connects the free world of performers with the well-turned modern dance.

In the stories of “Mirrors” there is a duality, where the reflection that the viewer can contemplate in the big mirror on the stage, his and the artists, is like the quintessence of the surrounding world: reality and illusion … This is view by the director…
Mirrors are everywhere. We so often can see our reflections, just walking along the street. We are mirrors, and everything around us is our reflection. The world is entwining together and split in two at the same time. Everything is interwoven: people, events, fates, stories…
In the play “Mirror” with the help of a living body, some abstract stories are reproduced. One of the tasks of the choreographer was to show the beauty, which, in fact, everywhere. Beauty can and must be found not only in what is already beautiful, for example, in a happy love story… But beauty can be – and in misfortune, for example, when a person decides to commit suicide. The beauty of the beating of life, the beauty of the multifaceted events, the beauty of the variations of fate… Beauty is something that can accompany us always, and even when we cry….

The author of the idea is Tamara Maksymenko
Number of dancers: 6
Music: Patrick Zakrocki (recorded compositions) and 3 live musicians accompanying the play, Alexander Partos, Stanislav Shaposhnikov, Stanislav Drozdov
Duration: 50 minutes