Some Men Must Die

Performance “Some men must die”.
Author and produser is Thomas Mettler (Switzerland). Primiere took place in September 2015 in frame of Gogol-fest, Kiev.

«Some Men Must Die» is a production of a physical theater where dancers and actors from Switzerland and England will meet with dancers and actors of Ukraine to talk about the role of «Men» and understand how it happens that some people die and others continue to live.

Thomas Mettler is always in search of people who are able to realize his vision together, daring to do everything on the stage: not afraid to flaunt his inner fears, laughing at everything, especially above himself, and with a desire to go beyond the beauty of the dance.

Using your body and voice, your heart and soul …

Throwing a challenge to each other and to ourselves …
Being completely involved and going at risk …

Discovering your innermost feelings and going beyond the limits of your comfort zone …

On the emotional and physical level

And all this in order to embody on the stage a real miracle of improvisation, the evening of truth and personal depth. Full of black humor and openness, the actors live scenes from the archaic scream of an ancient archetypal man and to the last breath of a dying man — and all this in an attempt to shed light on such questions:

What people deserve to die?

What is a real man?

What is the greatest fear of a man?

What is really worth dying for?

When love dies, does the person die after it?

How to continue to live in the face of death?

How many times does a man have to die to become a man?

Is it possible to laugh at death?

When was the last time you laughed at yourself, man?

How funny is a man?

Thomas Mettler’s biography:
He works in the theaters of Europe and dances for 32 years, while in an uninterrupted study (Education of a mime, actor, dancer, clown, a performer received in Marseille Marceau’s school from Marseilles himself).
He has more than 130 master classes around the world: Colombia, France, England, Italy, Germany, USA, India, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine. He created a large number of performances and projects, where the theater and dance are mixed, necessarily with elements of improvisation. Detailed biography


21t of May 19:00


Theatre of the Opera and Ballet


3-8 euro

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